My cats like to “help” sew


Monica is drafting a pattern for the culotte shorts she’s making for textiles at school. In this picture you can see Spider helping her position the square correctly. He’s done an excellent job of marking the tape measure with strategically placed teeth marks, placing precision holes in the pattern paper in random positions and leaving dribble spot marks. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without him.


13 thoughts on “My cats like to “help” sew

  1. Haha, my kitten has added strategic holes to my tape measure too! She also likes to carry it off and make me search for it. She used to be quite helpful as a pattern weight but her new burrowing game has ended that 🙂

    1. Mine are quite good pattern weights too, especially when I’m tracing patterns but they like to lie right on the part I’m tracing and when I move them they just move themselves straight back 😺

      1. Spray her with a squirty bottle filled with water. Actually now I just have to hold the bottle and she squints etc. Works great, though for a while things got a little damp lol so watch your aim.

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