When I told one of my workmates that this month is Frocktober she thought I'd said a completely different word beginning with F and ending in K

Frocktober is the Monthly Stitch challenge for October and after a delayed start I've managed to make two dresses in 10 days and have plans for more.

Here's the first one which is a Burdastyle pattern I made up in a silk/rayon blend I got from the Fabric Warehouse pop-up sale shop for $5 a metre. It was a bit of a gamble because the pattern is pretty weird looking with those enormous sleeves but I had the fabric and I thought that for once I could actually make up a fabric in the same month I purchased it instead of adding it to the stash so I took the plunge.

I omitted the pockets and cut the front on the fold instead of having a centre front seam and slit. Instead of a tie I used elastic in the casing. The sleeve bottoms were insanely huge and looked ridiculous at first. They completely dominated the dress and swamped me. My daughter suggested the seam between the middle and lower sleeves should be at my actual elbow so I shortened the middle sleeve so it the seam was at elbow length and then reduced the depth of the lower sleeve by 4cm which was a vast improvement. I'm very pleased with this dress, it fitted perfectly, it was easy to sew, it turned out well and when I wore it to work I got a lot of compliments.

This is my second Froctober dress. When I saw McCall's M6696 I loved it. I've always had a fondness for shirtwaister dresses, I remember my mother talking about them a lot. I think they featured in her wardrobe when she was young in the 1940s and 50s. I'm planning to make several of these dresses, so first of all I made it in a striped cotton seersucker from my stash to check the fit. I'm a very standard size 12 so it fits pretty well. Next time I'll lengthen the bodice front because it's a tiny bit short and it's slightly wide across the upper chest so I'll adjust that too.

What next? Well there are a lot of possibilities. Here are some of the stash fabrics and patterns which I pulled out as potential Froctober projects

Here's the most likely next project. The fabric is a silk chiffon print from Global Fabrics which was on special for $8 a metre.

I'm thinking of finishing this UFO which I started a long time ago, it's a size 10 so I'm not sure it will fit me now and it's very very low cut in the picture so I'll have to have a really good look at it to see if it's going to be worth putting the effort in. It's not like I'm short of other things I could sew!

Another option is to make this dress from yet another Craftsy class, Sewing vintage: the flirty day dress, which I signed up for last week. That's dependent on the pattern for the lovely Tia Dress from Sew Chic arriving in the mail from the other side of the world in time for me to make it. I keep checking the mail box excitedly everyday. I hope it arrives on a day when it's not raining, my letterbox isn't very waterproof.

The Tia dress by Sew Chic

Watch this space for more lovely frocks from me and, in the meantime, head over to the Monthly Stitch to see the gorgeous creations everyone else has been making. They're so inspirational, my pattern wishlist is getting crazily long after seeing what everyone else has been doing.



8 thoughts on “Frocktober

    1. Thanks, I’m quite excited about them too. It’s hard to decide what to make next because I like ALL the fabrics so much, and I have to stop my daughter from stealing the ones she likes. Looking at this pile (which is a fraction of my stash) I’m a bit horrified that I haven’t made any of these fabrics up before now but the monthly stitch challenge is a great motivator for stash busting

  1. Have just found your lovely blog! That shirtwaister dress is something – it looks fantastic and seersucker too – yum! I do like the look of your Burdastyle dress – the fabric looks very sheer (have you lined it?). You make me want to go out and buy up lots of pretty fabrics and make some frocks!

    1. It’s not a sheer so I didn’t need to line it. It has a sheen, like a satin but the weave is like a fine twill which stops it from being as shiny as a satin. It’s a really nice effect and I don’t recall seeing fabric like it before. The seersucker certainly is a hit, my female workmates are all fascinated by it, it’s not something you see often but I’d love to get my hands on some more of it, it’s very nice to wear. I’m about to make a second dress out of the shirt dress pattern, I might add sleeves for a change. All these Froctober posts have had the same effect on me too, I’m going to be sewing a lot more dresses!

  2. Beautiful dresses! I especially love the shirt dress, I’m hanging out to make one soon. Your pattern and fabric stash is divine, I’m looking forward to seeing them made up. And as for that Tia dress? OMG I want that so much! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You can borrow the patterns for the shirt dress and the Tia dress Joy. I really want to make the Tia for our WSBN pretty dresses picnic, it’s been a month coming so hopefully it’ll arrive very soon!

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