That got your attention didn’t it 🙂

I love fabric shopping but what sewer doesn’t.  I’ve almost given up on calling myself a sewer, I think I’m more of a fabric collector and curator.  Unfortunately I work with museum professionals who laugh heartily when I say this and tell me that I’m definitely a hoarder, but what the heck do they know.

I live in a city north of Wellington called Porirua.  Here’s a couple of interesting facts about my home town.  We have the youngest population in the country and also New Zealand’s youngest Mayor, Nick Leggett, who along with our Deputy Mayor, ‘Ana Coffey, form the country’s youngest mayoral team.  Here’s a rap video they made recently all about Porirua’s bid to win the Gigatown competition and get cheap access to gigabit speed ultra-fast broadband.

Here’s a more serious video showing a day in the life of Porirua.  It features my second favorite thing (next to fabric) – Whittaker’s chocolate which is made in our city.  If the wind blows in the right direction on roasting day the whole CBD smells like chocolate.

We’re young, we make the world’s best chocolate, and we also have a very large Pasifika population.  While Pacific people make up 7.4% of the entire population of New Zealand, in Porirua it’s 26.2% so fabric shops in my town look like this!


A riot of joyous colour and everything is really cheap.

image image image image

We’re having a garden party at work soon and I figure I’m going to need a fun floral dress to wear so I’m going to have to make a shopping trip this week.  Yipee!  It’s going to be so difficult to decide what to buy though.

image image


7 thoughts on “Shopping!

    1. It’s called Catch a Bargain. Do you know Porirua at all? It’s under the canopies, if you’re in the mall go out the door beside the ASB and turn left, it’s the second shop on the left beside The Flower Workshop. Have fun shopping 🙂

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