Kicking Spring off with the Halifax Hoodie

I made a hoodie and I’m really excited because I love it so much! I’ve hardly taken it off since I made it.

Hoodie happiness

The pattern is the Halifax hoodie by Hey Jude Handmade. I’ve never made one of her patterns before but she has a lot of other really nice looking patterns so I’m pretty tempted to try others now that my hoodie turned out so well.

I didn’t make the pattern exactly as drafted. These are the things I changed:

The pattern is designed for people who are 5’5”-5’8” and I’m only about 5’4”. I eyeballed the pattern and it was going to be a mini dress on me if I made it as drafted. I took 13cm off the length of the body which is a lot. I also thought the armhole looked very deep so I reduced the height by 1cm. I didn’t alter the height of the sleeve head though. I shortened the sleeves by 3cm and cut the cuffs snugger around my wrist.

My fabric is a cotton Lycra terry so its quite stretchy and I decided to make it closer fitting than the pattern so I cut it to the size which should have given me zero ease. The finished garment does have a little bit of ease so maybe the fabric has relaxed a little with wearing but the result is perfect and I’m extremely happy with it.

I added some really nice details to make this a bit more special than a run of the mill hoodie, mostly because I’m such an extreme perfectionist I just can’t help myself.

Firstly, I eased my centre front seams onto my zipper. Ideally my zip should have been 5cm SHORTER than the opening on the jacket. It was only 3cm shorter so it’s not quite perfect but its acceptable. Do this with zippers in knits if you want to avoid zipper rippling which gives garments a home made look.

The pattern says to cut the hip band in three pieces for the hoodie (two for the sweatshirt version). I always cut waistbands for knit garments in one piece, whether it’s for a sweater or a cardigan/jacket, so I changed this pattern piece and cut the entire band as one piece. Why make your life unnecessarily difficult by adding extra seams that need matching?

The insides

I lined the hood with a thin poly/cotton jersey, there are instructions in the pattern to do this. I also lined the pockets. The pattern has instructions for covering the neck seam and zipper tape with twill tape but I decided I’d rather use the fabric I used for my lining so I did that instead.

Some reviewers found the instructions frustrating because they jump around between numbers. This is because in the pattern you get three different versions so there are a lot of steps which don’t apply to the version you’re making. I didn’t find them difficult to follow, maybe because I didn’t really actually refer to them. I just made it the same way I’ve made hoodies before. 

One thing I found interesting is that the pattern recommends shortening the zipper to make it the right size. While it’s great to know how to do this it’s so much easier to just buy the right size zipper in the first place. I’ve shortened a few zippers and it’s not something to avoid completely but it’s better not to have to do it if you can get the right size.

The thing I like best about the pattern is that with five versions for US$10 it’s really great value for money.  I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other versions, but I think I’ll definitely be making more hoodies exactly like this one

Thanks to Leimomi the Dreamstress I have some photos of my hoodie so I’m actually doing a blog post. As you can see she’s a great photographer and has managed to get some fantastic photos of me despite the fact that I’ve often got my eyes closed or some kind of weird expression on my face.

Here’s a characteristically weird photo pose…



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