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The weirdest thing I’ve ever sewn

I was just over on the Monthly Stitch checking out what everyone’s been up to for the current month’s challenges and I saw Melissa’s post about the crazy things she sews for her husband and it reminded me of the craziest thing I’ve ever sewn which is a deck screen/side thing for my man – I’m not sure what the proper name for this is.

Scott was having a party and wanted to enclose his deck so it wasn’t too cold because it was happening in late winter/early spring so we needed something to keep the wind and rain out in case the weather wasn’t good on the night.  The professionally made deck screens are quite pricy and he had access to a free Toyota advertising billboard.  They’re made from a reinforced plastic canvas sheet probably pretty much the same stuff as the bought deck screens are made from so we thought why not have a go at making one ourselves.

The tricky thing is sewing something this large, awkward and heavy but we solved that by putting the sewing machine on a trolley and moving that instead of the canvas sheet.

From one end of the deck...
From one end of the deck…
... to the other
… to the other

We cut out recesses so the top edge fitted around the deck roof rafters and then sewed a pocket along the top edge which a thin pipe was threaded through above the rafters to hang it up.  The bottom was attached to the deck by laying a wooden batten over the bottom edge and screwing it onto to the decking.

And here’s the end result…  It’s pretty impressive – the ultimate man cave accessory

Hilux deck side

One day we might get around to figuring out how to put a door in it where the steps up to the lawn are…  There are also plans to make screens for the ends of the deck.  We’ve got another billboard for that – anyone remember the Toyota Corolla ads with Smitten the self-harming kitten?  I’m not sure how he’s going to look with the Hilux, but hey cats… 🙂